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Articles/Additional Readings

Chapter 1:  Studying the State of the Earth/Introduction to Environmental Science

 Chapter 2:  Environmental Systems

Chapter 3: Ecosystem Ecology


Chapter 4:  Global Climates and Biomes

Factors affecting global climate-Videos

Chapter 5:  Evolution of Biodiversity

Chapter 6:  Population and Community Ecology

Chapter 5 & 6 Test Practice

Chapter 7:  Human Population

Chapter 8:  Earth Systems

Chapter 9:  Water Resources

Chapters 10 and 11-Land and Agriculture

Chapter 12 Nonrenewable Energy Sources

Chapter 13 Renewable Energy-Achieving Energy Sustainability


Chapter 14 Water Pollution

Chapter 15 Air Pollution

Chapter 16- Waste Generation and Disposal

Chapter 17:  Human Health and Environmental Risks

Chapter 18:  Conservation of Biodiversity

Chapter 19:  Global Change

Chapter 20:  Sustainable Future

End of year projects:

Global Warming Position Paper

A Civil Action Project

APES FINAL END OF YEAR PROJECT World of 7 Billion Video Contest PSA Project

APES Summer Assignment 2015-2016

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